Giorgos and Spiros welcome you
to the oldest and most distinctive restaurant in Acharavi
At The Pumphouse we’ve been serving satisfied customers and friends traditional Greek cuisine,Corfiot and local specialties, ‘New Greek cuisine’ and International dishes since 1986.

Many of our recipes are old favourites, having been handed down from generation to generation. All our food is prepared from fresh, local ingredients,and culinary skill and care is given to each dish we serve

Service at the Pumphouse is Simply Superb

Authentic Greek recipes prepared with a modern and unique approach; a distinctive list of fine wines, and an incredible variety of hot and cold starters; open all year, with an atmosphere of casual patio dining in summer and cozy, fireside dining in winter; exceptional, friendly service; live music and dancing; rave reviews from both locals and tourists. When you're looking for quality, at a price that won't break the bank, The Pumphouse in Acharavi and its owners Giorgos and Spiros Salvanos deliver each and every time--guaranteed.
We invite you to join us at The Pumphouse for a delicious and distinctive dining experience!

A bit of history

The old days

In the early days, The Pumphouse was used by the people of Acharavi as an all-purpose stop—bar, club, music hall, restaurant—because it was literally the only public house operating in Acharavi. Begun as a traditional cafenion in 1961, long before tourism came to Acharavi, the Pumphouse served the local citizens of Acharavi by opening its doors as a cinema, a market, and a meeting place.

The Name

The Pumphouse draws its name from the fact that it is located directly opposite from where the village water pump was located, and where all the villagers once came to draw their water

The Restaurant

In 1978, the Pumphouse began to operate as a full service restaurant, and in 1986 it was bought by the George  and Spiros Salvanos family, who has owned it ever since. In 1996, a dramatic expansion and renovation was undertaken, with the building of the present-day bar and an expansion of the interior and the exterior dining areas.